One of the most exciting entertainment in the Emirates is the deep-sea fishing in Persian Gulf. The most popular places for fishing are Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah and Fujairah. Try one of the most fun and unique things - fishing in UAE. it's simply a necessity.

     Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman has a large variety of aquatic fauna: molluscs, crustaceans, and a huge range of fishes - sea bass (Sherry), Red groupers (groupers), Barracuda (Pike salty seas), Royal Fish (mackerel), Sultan Ibrahim (goatfish), and much appreciated - сobia.

     Fishing season begins in September and ends in June. There is nothing like a nice cooked fish you just caught in the waters of Persian Gulf or the Gulf of Oman. BLUE BOAT company offers you 2 types of fishing in UAE: Trolling is a fishing technique with moving boats; trolling is used for catching king mackerel, barracuda, groupers, cobia, Queen Fish, tuna. The artificial lures (wobblers) are often used as a bait.

     Trolling method: using a tug boat or boats, on a specially equipped boat can be found a few tens of trolling rods, each of them controls a separate bait.

     Deep sea fishing is carried out when a yacht or a boat stay at anchor.

Blue Boat Fishing Services


Imagine yourself, nestled in the surroundings of pristine waters of Dubai. Dubai offers many water escapades for nature enthusiasts like you. It is the place for every generation, from children to elders! Dubai Fishing lets you cherish the colourful marine life where you would find many fishes like sailfish, kingfish etc. However, there are certain rules and regulations while fishing; hence, they are properly explained before you perform this activity either on yachts or on boats. Tourists can put up in lavish hotels; Many companies in Dubai endow you with different schedules for fishing. If you are a fishing freak, then Dubai fishing is an apt alternative!

Arrange for a romantic date with your loved one; take her into dream land that forms your date filled with passion and zeal. We as a part of Dubai, providinge you with all such services, that nature lovers always look for. Fishing in UAE is indeed an enthralling experience that makes you forget all your worries. Unique and magnificent landscapes can be captured at the time of fishing in UAE. Explore the deep blue waters of the Arabian Gulf - a scenic beauty that triggers your passion! Fishing in Abu Dhabi leaves you fascinated and takes your heart away. You can get well versed with the Dubai Fishing from online forums.

Fishing in UAE is on the whole a unique water sport, If you are new to this, our skilled fishermen would be at your service, and an expert will show how to deal with it in the waters! Our services also include modern boats on which you can relish all special moments while Fishing Abu Dhabi. The waters of Dubai bring you to the fresh world with loads of opportunities as you can also go for diving, skiing, scuba-diving etc. Dubai is the richest sailfish destination on this globe! While fishing in Abu Dhabi, you will also be provided with safety equipments, crew along with light refreshments and soft drinks!

So, when you are preparing yourself for fishing in Dubai, we would make sure that you have everything that you require to make your Dubai fishing expedition safe and pleasurable. Hence, while you are fishing in Dubai, our service staff would be constantly monitoring your moves to make sure that you are doing it all fine. Our Dubai fishing staff is extensively trained to secure the safety of our guests. You, therefore, are in safe hands.

Do not get worried about the sea conditions and weather; they are quite calm with clear visibility. So get unwound with the nature, swirl with cool breeze, and let it blow on your face and soothe your soul! We use reliable batteries in our fishing boats bought from our trusted partner company "Battery". They are the largest battery retailers in the UAE.

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Iconic 45ft view
  Along with excellent deck yacht design, the interior of this one is tremendous. The salon and cabins have a plenty of space and air due to the latest ventilation system.
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Iconic 55ft view
     55ft Iconic yacht is convenient for couples and groups of clients. All of that luxury is only exist to fulfill your vice desires.. We share with the most precious feeling with our clients: the pleasure of sailing and the luxury of losing your mind of it at one time.
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Iconic 62ft view
    Yacht 62ft is a very attractive vessel for expensive motor charters in Dubai with its elegant and sleek hull design. The whole yacht is huge and has a lot of free space in its interior.
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Iconic 78ft view
     This is the biggest one, performing in Modern design, including its luxury wood and leather interiors. The latest dr2 Iconic's engine is faster and more safe than its the same yacht class rivals.