Types of BMW spare parts

Today, the business of BMW parts has transformed from a traditional one into an e-commerce business. You can order and purchase any parts and accessories of BMW online. There are various trusted dealers of BMW parts Dubai who provide genuine elements in this field. These services providers offer a complete source of quality auto replacement components and upgrades. Some of the parts for your BMW that you can easily source online are as follows.

Brake Pad & Disc

Brake pads are the steel backing plates which contain friction material bound to the surface that faces the disc brake rotor. The brake pads compress the rotor and transmit the force hydraulically and create a friction between the disc and pad and slow down the disc. The brakes help to remove the kinetic energy which is present in a moving car to stop it. You can easily find the brake pad & disc for your BMW online. Some of them are listed below.

Brake pad

  • Ferodo Front Brake Pad Set FDB1773
  • Ferodo Front Brake Pad Set FDB4067
  • Bosch Rear Brake Pad Set 0986494432
  • Bosch Front Brake Disc 0986479436

Shock Absorber

The shock absorbers are the hydraulic pump device that helps to control the movement of suspension and springs of the car. It also keeps the tires in contact with the ground and ensures the safe control and braking response of the car. Shock absorber improves the braking system of the car without giving much stress to the passengers. The shock absorber is needed to be replaced when the braking distance of a car has been increased or when you feel more rugged in handling your car. Following is the list of the best shock absorbers for your BMW.

  • TRW Rear Shock Absorber (Twin) JGT9050T
  • TRW Front Shock Absorber (Twin) JGM1301T
  • TRW Front Shock Absorber (Twin) JGS1068T

Spark Plug

A spark plug is an important component of the ignition system of a car. It ignites the mixture of air and fuel which helps the engine to function properly. In other words, a spark plug produces a spark when required to ignite the combustible mixture. It consists of a steel shell which makes the outer covering, a resistance which controls the strength of current and central and ground electrodes made up of nickel alloy. Following is the list of some spark plugs used in BMW.

Spark plug BMW

  • Denso Spark Plug - U-Groove K20TXR
  • Champion Spark Plug - Platinum Bi-Hex OE205
  • Champion Spark Plug - Multiground Electrode OE216
  • Bosch Spark Plug - Double Platinum 0242236510
  • Bosch Spark Plug – Nickel 0242140507
  • Bosch Spark Plug – Iridium 0242145537


The wiper blades play an important role in the safety of driver and passengers sitting in the car. It is used to remove dirt and rain from the front and rear glass of the car. In order to ensure the ideal performance, it is recommended that you should replace the wiper blades of your BMW in every 6 months. Here we have listed the branded and best-suited wiper blades for BMW cars.

  • Bosch Wiper Blade Set 3397001394
  • Bosch Wiper Blade AeroEco Single 3397013451
  • Bosch Wiper Blade Rear 3397004583