Take Your Arabian Adventure to the Next Level with Desert Buggy Tours

A trip to Dubai in itself is an adventure that many of us want to experience. However, most of the talk about Dubai is centred around how inviting and appealing the city is. While this may be true, a journey to Dubai remains incomplete without a trip to the desert. Dune buggy tours are the perfect way to go on a desert escapade. Most tour operators offer pick-up provision to bring their customers to the tour location. Once you’ve reached there, you’ll be given necessary instructions and equipped with safety gears, required to start your adventure in the desert. Here are some things you need to know about desert buggy rental tours in Dubai.

Desert Buggy Rental Dubai

Morning or Evening Tours

Are you a morning or someone that prefers the nightlife? To better phrase the question – Do you prefer to watch the sunset or the sunrise? Morning desert tours take you on a picturesque journey across the sandy terrain while evening tours provide you with an opportunity to catch an extraordinary view of the sunset. Furthermore, evening buggy tours come with extended provisions such as Arabic food, henna painting, and beverages to make your evening much more enjoyable.

Equip Yourself with Proper Gear

You will need to dress according to the desert conditions. Be wary of high temperatures and the gruelling desert sun when choosing your outfit for the tour. Also, make sure that you wear the safety gear provided so that you can walk out of an accident unscathed. Helmet, gloves, and sunglasses are the basics essentials you need to equip yourself with.

Desert Buggy Rental UAE

How to Ride a Buggy

While riding a buggy in itself is easy, doing so – on sand requires a certain amount of skill and experience. Sand offers more resistance to the wheel; you will have to drive at higher speeds. One should also try not to break hard to avoid getting stuck on the sand. Wheel spins on dune buggies are usual, avoid powering your way out when this happens.

Find an Experienced Tour Operator

Going on the tour with an experienced team will make your trip all the more enjoyable. They’ll offer your useful instructions on how to efficiently navigate the dunes. A guide will also come in handy when you run into any sort of accident or if your vehicle suffers a breakdown.