How to Pack Your Rental Car for Emergency Situations

Before driving off from the car rental garage, you should ensure you have all the emergency necessities. No one wants a flat tire or breakdown when enjoying a family holiday on a road trip to the UAE. But you can reduce the time wasted calling the head office of the car rental or trying to get help. Having the basics for any emergencies will come in handy and save you time, resources, and even life. If you are looking for a cheap Dubai car rental, you should consider a company that will give you emergency packing tips. Some emergency packing essentials are:

Jumper Cable

Jumper Cable

Vehicles are full of surprises and it is good to take measures. Have a jumper cable in case your car stalls in the middle of the road. You can seek assistance from a gas station or from members of your crew.

First Aid Kit

A fully stocked first aid kit is essential for any trip. You should carry medication for common illnesses like headaches or diarrhea in case you are far from a health facility. You should also have accident kits in case of an incident.

Communication Gadget

You should have your phone fully charged for proper communication. Your car rental company should also keep in touch. You should also have a charger in case your battery runs low. Carry a power bank and make sure the car’s charging system is also functional.

Energy Drinks/Food

You should have packed food or drink in case of a breakdown in the middle of a forest. It is difficult to stop strangers especially in the middle of the night. A few packets of cookies and energy drinks will keep you going as you wait for assistance.


Your car may need quick fixes in the hood and it might prove too dark to identify the problem. The torch may also come in handy when it is dark. You should not substitute the flashlight for a phone because it might drain too fast to sustain you.

Strong Rope

Are you on a road trip in rough terrain? A rough is essential in case your car is stuck between boulders. You may require towing along the way. You should always keep a gradual speed while towing.

Strong Rope

Accessible Contact Information

Contact information in case of an accident is not important if it is not accessible. You should keep it in strategic places where it can be seen. It will ease communication with first aiders, the emergency response team, and your car rental company.

Location Signals

Flags and fliers are important in case there is limited or no network. It will help in signaling and requesting help. It will also help in alerting other motorists along the way of an emergency. Rental Cars UAE will give you a full emergency packing guide, visit us, and have a smooth holiday in UAE.