Get the Best Package for a Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari Packages

Tour companies offer different safari packages that allow everyone the chance to experience the centuries-old Bedouin culture. Our Dubai desert safari packages are set up to allow everyone the chance to have beautiful memories by visiting the desert just outside Dubai. All tours begin with a convenient pickup for a location you prefer anywhere in Dubai. While in the desert, there is a wide ray of thrilling activities in which you can engage.

What to Expect

No matter which package you pick, there are some basic activities, which everyone will have a blast engaging in. For instance, if you love camel riding, this is the perfect time to try it out. There will also be an opportunity for you to try out sandboarding. As the name implies, it works similarly to snowboarding. However, sandboarding is much better since it takes place all year. It is unlike snowboarding, which only takes place during a limited period of each year because of the various reasons that are always in flux. During the Dubai desert safari, you will have the chance to try some dune bashing. It is included in almost every package. You have the chance to surf giant sand dunes inside the comfort of a sturdy 4x4 vehicle. This experience feels quite similar to riding a boat on an ocean with huge but gentle waves.

For more advanced packages, you can even camp all night outdoors under the stars. It could be especially great if you wanted to have a memorable romantic outdoor experience. Both of you will also share a tantalizing meal inspired by Emirati cuisine. Later on, belly dancers will entertain you. It could be the magic touch, which will help to bring a couple closer together. It could even help a growing love to blossom.

Some of the Dubai Desert Safari Packages

One of the packages offered by Tours is the Quad Bike package. It costs AED 150 per person. You get to enjoy 3 hours on a Quad Bike over gigantic dunes. As you race through the vast desert on your quad bike, you will enjoy the scenic landscape. The magnificent hills, vast canyons, and low plateaus will be quite breathtaking. The experienced instructors provide you with tips and instructions required to keep you safe. You can decide between the automated quad bike and dune buggy. No matter which option you pick, the watchful instructors ensure you are safe before you ride out to various scenic spots in the desert.

Another package worth checking out is the overnight package. This package lets you enjoy the night sky together with a loved one or family. Tours organize transport and pickup. Once you are picked form your location, you are taken to a campsite. The experience lasts all night, and you will then be dropped back at your original location. The camp has been designed to be as authentic as possible to the Bedouin camps.

Have you always wanted to experience the outskirts of Dubai? Tours offer you various Dubai desert safari packages to help you do just that. Consider trying out their services the next time you are in Dubai.