The Best Yachts in the World

A yacht is almost a ship, only slightly smaller. Most of the yachts are used for private purposes, as well as a personal car. The yacht appeared many years ago, at that time the Dutch Navy used them to pursue pirates in the shallows. Later, when Charles II returned to England through the sea, he used his best yacht as a luxury item. Most people, who wish to go on a sea cruise with luxury, prefer to go on a journey on own expensive yacht, despite the fact that they have other vessels.

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Planning a holiday, many people want to spend it in the sea, because the sea is an exotic and amazing place for this kind of activity. Ordinary people try to enjoy the sea on a beach, while rich people, who can afford to keep the most expensive yacht, enjoy in the open sea with a melody of waves. If you can afford a yacht, First Yacht provide you such an ability to spend a vacation on oceanic yachts. When we talk about private yachts, first of all, a lot of money comes to mind. However, there are lucky people, who can afford the most expensive yachts. Below we present the top 3 of the best and most expensive yachts in the world.

3 Place

Azzam — 609 million dollars

The length of the yacht is 590 feet. Engineers Lurssen Yachts and Mubarak Saad Al Ahbabi were building this yacht. Design was into duties of the company Nauta Yachts and interior was into duties of Crhistophe Leoni. The building lasted 3 years. Cost is 609 million dollars.

With its dimension the yacht can reach speed of 30 knots. It is provided a powerful drive, which consists of 2 diesel engines and 2 gas turbines, outstanding together 94000 horsepower. A snow-white beauty, the size of which is two football fields, requires a team of 50 people for service. The ship has a design in a “luxurious imperial style”. It has an armored bedroom, swimming pools, two helipads, a submarine, a missile-defense system, cinemas.

2 Place

Eclipse — 996 640 000 $

The yacht belongs to Roman Abramovich. It was created by Blohm+Voss in Hamburg. Initially, the yacht cost 340 million euros during the construction, the final cost is 800 million euros. The maximum speed is 25 knots. The length of Eclipse is 553 feet. The vessel is designed in the style of a warship. It provides a complete security from paparazzi, because it has a laser protection.

The bedroom of the owner has bulletproof glass and armor. The yacht has 2 helicopter pads, a mini-camera to explore the underwater world, a missile defense system. Also, there are 3 motor boats, that have items for first medical aid and radio stations. The yacht has nine decks, four pleasure crafts and twenty water bikes. It is equipped with satellite systems and ultramodern motion sensor.

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1 Place

History Supreme — 4.8 billion $

The yacht History Supreme is the best and most expensive yacht in the world. The cost of this yacht is about 4.8 billion dollars. It was created by the famous designer Stuart Hughes. It took him 3 years to complete the work. History Supreme is so expensive that it is covered with gold and platinum. The weight of the coat of platinum and gold is 100 000 kg. A dining room, anchor, deck, and even railings, everything are covered with gold and a recreation area is decorated with platinum. The yacht was built by Super yacht industry in Malaysia.

The vessel has a statue, made from the bones of a tyrannosaurus. At the landing site on a board there is a luxury liquor bottle, inlaid with a diamond of 18.5 carats, which is one of the rarest in the world. Here double VIP cabins waits for guests. For interior decoration precious wood, meteor rocks were used.

The length of the yacht is only 31 meters and a width is 7, 34 meters. Displacement is 80 tons. The yacht can speed up to 50 knots — for this purpose, it has two diesel engines. On the board you can make a certain amount of 7.5 thousand liters of fuel and 1200 liters of clean water.

Taking into account regular increase of the value of gold, it can be argued that every day the yacht History Supreme is becoming more expensive.