Let us check them out below

  • Saves money

Affordable dream carThis is a no-brainer! Most people are in favour of buying used cars for sale in Dubai, solely because they have to shell out less money. A second-hand car will always cost less than its brand-new counterpart, so it will, of course, be easy on your pocket.

  • Affordable dream car

Many of us dream of buying a high-end luxury car, but only few can achieve it owing to the price factor. But you can actually purchase that ‘dream car’ when it is out for sale in the ‘used cars’ segment. Just imagine how it would feel to be able to drive away in the car of your dreams, and that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • No depreciation

The moment you drive a brand new car away from the showroom, its value depreciates quickly. It has been estimated that the value of a new car drops by at least 11% at the first go and continues to depreciate further over time. But in case of a used vehicle, there will be no reduction in its price.

  • Certified and inspected

Selling tested and certified pre-owned carsIn Dubai, the trend of selling tested and certified pre-owned cars has garnered a lot of favour. This is because, when people are buying a certified used car, they are actually getting a vehicle that has been thoroughly tested and is of high-quality. Extensive quality assurance tests and inspections are conducted by experts and only then the cars are readied to be up for sale.

  • Environment-friendly

When you buy a used car for sale, you are actually doing well to our environment. This is because you are simply continuing with the use of a car instead of adding more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, by buying a new one. So going for a pre-owned vehicle will impact the environment much less.

Apart from these advantages, another very significant factor is the lighter burden of road taxes and registration fees. These are calculated based on the make and model of the car, its year of manufacture as well as its actual worth. Although these expenses vary from one geographical location to another, the overall cost is definitely much lower for used cars. So, now you know ample reasons why people nowadays prefer to buy pre-owned cars.