Enjoy the Most When You Are at Dhow Cruise

Dubai Creek tourismExploring new places and go on to spend time in foreign country is the best way to give your break in the action from the boring routine of life. It really kills pressure and fuels your energy for the year in advance. You can easily recharge yourself by availing such an opportunity every once in a year that can let you throw all of your worries behind. So indulge in the serenity, one of the popular spot is Dhow Cruise Dubai trip. A traditional boat is waiting for you to embrace the beauty of Arabian Sea. Highly equipped with luxurious amenities, amazing music, magic shows and dance, on the board, you will witness another level of entertainment. If you are thrilled and want to have fun, get on board at dhow cruise dinner in Dubai by Alafrah Village.

Right Services

The moment you arrive at your reserved hotel, the personnel will give you a detail outlook of all the sightseeing activities you can enjoy. Even if the hotel is preparing this cruise for guests, self-preparation is better than depending on the words. Find on your own by making use of the internet. You can find many tour companies with affordable and attractive packages. There are about twenty eight tour companies, which offer Dhow cruise Dubai services. It might be difficult to find the best one. However, you can check the package, services, pick-up and drop, etc. Some concert tours companies provide refreshing welcome drink, standard water, music, coffee, tea, dance, special show, and a self serve buffet dinner. The timing and boarding point will rely upon whether you want to cruise through Dubai Creek or Lebanon Marina. Two-tiered Dhows are common with the low one air-conditioned and the top deck available. So hop into the dhow for a wonderful journey.

Dress code

Tour in Lebanon Marina

You may have to wear a tuxedo for the China dhow cruise ride. You can select from formal and everyday dress, but make sure to properly cover yourself. Slippers or shorts are not allowed on the cruise. Women should also make sure that they are completely covered. Plunging neckline, deep slits tees, sleeveless blouse or a bare less and low-cut back are not a good option.

Don't Forget to Capture Photos

An automobile will pick you and your guest from the hotel and will take you to the Lebanon Creek. When you reach the Creek, the head to guide will give you general instructions and advice about the upcoming journey. When the dhow cruise Dubai begins, it will move across the key items of the city. Record the magnificent views in your camera while enjoying the scenes. The complete stretch of the Creek is aligned with fantastic buildings and skyscraper that are renowned architectural masterpieces.